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Fashion in its most raw sense is the reflection of society. It is the reflection of all that encompasses our environments, from politics, culture, economics and so on. In times like these when an industry has been shaped towards working under the clock of capitalism, I tend to question the reality of my future. I question the idea of making more clothes. 

Even though there are days when I wish I would stop wanting to make them, I also think about how great it would be to make a shift in this industry that has sadly lost most of its value. As a designer I want to create a more integral fashion system. I want to work in a production system that maintains its balance, it’s integrity, and human respect. 

As a designer I want to be conscious of my desired outcomes, so that  I can rely on my own experiences, cultural backgrounds, and values to better depict society. Colombia, writing, politics, history, and art will always be essential elements in my eternal seek for inspiration. I wish to find purpose in my work, intention in my designs, and passion in all that I create. I intend to learn from people, their needs, their desires, their mannerisms. So that maybe one day I might find the answers to create work that can have a positive impact. 

I strive to remind myself that fashion, for me, should reach senses, emotions, and rationality. It should always be able to express. 


Why Three Stripes?

When I was little girl I fell running with a glass of milk. Ever since I‘ve had a scar on mi right arm. It has been a part of me since I was five years old and I have learned to embrace it. For some time I disliked it but then I began to accept it. I began to understand that an imperfection was valuable because it is what differentiates us from the rest. One day an uncle of mine suggested that it should be the logo of my brand. Today it is not only printed on my arm but it has become a part of my biggest dream. We will see how this idea begins to evolve through out my journey.

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