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Sleep is one of the most important or the most important part of our day, without it we wouldn’t be able to function properly. The thing is that our daily activities consume most of our thoughts which lead us to being stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Feelings that certainly disrupt our sleep, most of the time not letting us rest properly which affects our daily routine. When we aren’t able to rest we tend to have negative thoughts, tend to be sad, and we can’t accomplish our tasks properly. I want to study how fabrics, scents, and certain chemicals can affect or improve our sleep cycle. Essentially research if clothing could actually improve our sleep and help those in need of a good night’s rest. We spend a third of our life sleeping in bed. Which means that we spend a third of our lives wearing pajamas and loungewear.

Our bodies recharge while we are sleeping, in the process our body absorbs the chemicals of around us. Which makes it even more important to think about what we are surrounding our bodies with at such an important time of the day. This is why for this project the use of natural fibers like linen, wool, and silk was considered. I wanted to create a brand that focused on designing pajamas, sleeping accessories, pillow cases, scents, and teas that encourage a healthy sleep cycle for the well being of our customers. Our user profile is the minimalist women who likes neutral tones, clean cuts, and an effortless style. Our ideal customer values simplicity within the small details of a garment like it’s practicality, materials, and construction. Each piece of clothing would be designed for the specific sleeping needs of our customers. Our products would be designed to be as helpful as possible for each individual.

Designing seams that had flower petals in them was a very interesting process. I used chamomile, rose, lavender and jasmine. The idea of using flower petals came about for several reasons. The first reason was that I wanted the pajamas, sleeping accessories, and sleeping pillows to have a scent so that customers could have a healthier sleep. The second reason was that I only wanted to use natural dyes since chemicals would disrupt sleep and originate an unhealthy sleep. When the products were washed the dye would organically and unintentionally begin to add color to the fabric, using them would be a whole process of discovery for the person that bought them. 

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