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PT. 1

The second element was the idea of 'the value of clothes' and trying to answer the question: How can clothes gain value through usage? I decided to conduct an experiment on myself where I wore the same jacket everyday for around two weeks. During this time I recorded through video, notes, and pictures whatever drew my attention about this process. I noticed that I was constantly pulling up my sleeves due to the fact that the jacket is oversized. I also notices that my everyday objects were stored inside the pockets of the jacket. This led to the process of constantly looking inside my jacket to retrieve these items. Not only was it a storage place but my jacket became part of my rooms decoration since it was no longer hanged inside my closet. This experience led me into researching uniforms and workwear which are garments that are embedded in a character’s day to day. This experience led to the question: How can a garment communicate and tell a story through its usage?




- Ana Cano

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PT. 2

For this project there were two key elements that created the outline of what I was researching and focusing on. The first element was my background and my interests. I took a deep look into topics like writing, artistic movements like expressionism, and graphic design which are things that really move me. This led me to read into my own sketchbook were I usually express my thoughts on my own experiences. I also wanted to understand how other creatives had expressed social or political opinions. My own family’s history and my country, Colombia were key ingredients to the inspiration and visual narrative that was embedded in the project. Both my grandparents were social activists, one of them was a journalist and the other was a politician. They both worked towards helping Colombia’s society grow and find truth. In a ways I wanted to do the same by tapping into topics and stories that are usually ignored within the fashion industry.


PT. 3

Fall 2019

Through garment explorations and sketches I started to develop ideas on where to place these texts that were somehow hidden within the jacket, pants, and accessories designed for workers. As well as trying to depict day to day details, religious beliefs, and specific tools used. My intention was to create a piece that could express and tell a story by exploring these objects. 
In conclusion this was a collection of objects that told the story of these workers. 


Taking these elements into account I focused on garment workers and how I could find a way to tell their story through fashion. Also the idea of generating value and educating people on garment production. I wanted to consider their working environments and how most of the time they don’t have the opportunity to express their concerns and experiences. I was also intrigued by what was happening in my own country. I had the chance to interview 11 garment workers from Bogotá, Colombia and hear their concerns, experiences and opinions on the local industry. During thanksgiving I flew back home and met seven of these workers.

Here’s a short video.


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