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Summer 2020

In Colombia around 50% of the people employed have informal jobs, which means that during the pandemic many Colombians have struggled to keep up with their living expenses. Sadly, this has caused many families to not have enough money to buy food. Many are finding it hard to survive due to income loss as well as also not having the resources to obtain the required protection against the virus. Through my instagram I decided to lead an initiative and ask my followers for help on providing the WAYUU indigenous community with face mask protection. Through the donation of second-hand clothing from my followers, family, and friends I would be able to find half of the materials to sew the face masks. These masks were made out of up-cycled secondhand clothes and anti-fluid fabric. 

After two months of hard work I was able to sew 1900 face masks that were donated to the Women’s Wayuu Association in Manaure, Guajira. I am filled with gratitude towards all of the people who rose awareness on social media, donated second-hand clothing, fabrics, materials and supported me on this initiative. I have learned that helping others is not only about having the will to do so but having the opportunity as well. I’m extremely grateful to have had that opportunity during this time. 


The #ayudemosentretodos initiative is only the first of many to come. 

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