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The body transformed was a project that made us think about the body in different shapes and forms. We were pushed towards breaking the rules and thinking outside of the box to be able to create a dress that would be able to transform the body. Several sources like books and the Heavenly bodies exhibition opened my mind towards new ways of thinking about the body and how to exaggerate certain concepts. I thought about the bodies curves and how they are all so different in every human being, I wanted to transform them by making each body look the same while wearing the dress.  Inspired by lines and rigid structures I decided to drive my concept towards creating a dress that completely avoided the bodies natural curves. I focused on the bodice and arms by widening the shapes that would cover them. My design concept is inspired by lines, structures, and textures which are all present throughout the whole design with a loose bodice, A-line skirt, and flare sleeves with pleats.

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